360 Village: Concept, Users, Journey

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The neighborhoods that were important to the revolutionary queer communities of NYC are not what they used to be. Anne and I want to bring their history into the present. We hope to do so using the work of Mr. Sullivan. We intend to use immersive media such as Virtual Reality and 360 video to create an experience where parts of Mr. Sullivan’s video archive are virtually embedded into the physical space of current day New York. In this way, a user may simultaneously experience the present and past of the physical urban spaces most important to the queer revolution of New York’s past.

Because the Village is changing, due to many forces but including those of gentrification, and because it is a space that once fostered the critical trailblazers of LGTBQI rights movement we think that it’s history is worth remembering.  We wish to make this project as an effort to reaffirm current and past queer communities and to educate new local communities.

Guiding Principles:

  • Bringing the past to light; making it obvious and relevent
  • History is worth remembering / there is value in past narratives
  • Understanding of community/ communal roots / communal identity
  • Celebrate trailblazers: appreciation of work those that came before , standing on the shoulders of glamazonians.


  • Remember past narratives
    • For the sake of community
    • For the sake of education
  • Celebrate the past and the people who paved the way for the LGTBQI rights movement



  • Genderqueer
  • Lived in NY 8 years
  • Likes to go out in the Village, go to Gay Pride
  • Big group of queer friends
  • Feels alienated by mainstream queer scene in NYC


  • NYU student, living in dorms
  • Moved from Ohio
  • Recently out of the closet
  • Artist / performer
  • Community oriented
  • Loves to go out in the village
  • Has made a lot of new friends in the village / online


  • Lives in rent stabilized apartment in West Village
  • Openly gay, lives with his partner and dogs
  • Been in NYC over 20 years, remembers the old days
  • Stable employment
  • Very domestic
  • Goes out to eat occasionally, has early drinks


  • Single lesbian
  • Works a corporate, financial job
  • Loves to eat out, has to entertain clients often
  • Likes to shop
  • Only really home on the weekend – has limited free time


  • 17 years old, lives in the Bronx
  • Openly Queer
  • Likes to hang at the Piers with Friends
  • Into pokemon go, snapchat, and voguing


  • Straight, Single, very few queer friends
  • Work at NYU, teaches physics, Lives in faculty housing
  • Likes to take walks
  • Into tech and gaming
  • Goes to women in science and tech meetups


  • Straight, Married, New daughter
  • Works Downtown in finance
  • Moved from Missouri 4 years ago for job
  • Hangs in Manhattan, mostly midtown, doesn’t go above 72nd
  • Likes to do an early family Brunch in the Village on Sunday

User Journey

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