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about photo 2As a professional digital designer and artist, Anne K Goodfriend has been honing her playful style and collaborative approach to digital design for over a decade. Anne brings the same warm, sleek aesthetic and committed work ethic to her collaborations with professional clients and her own artistic practice and projects.

A New York transplant, Anne has been freelancing since 2008 as a professional designer and videographer, creating compelling graphic, video, and audio outputs that meet clients’ needs. Her commercial clients have included Amazon.com, Coca-Cola, A Blade of Grass, and NYC Council Member Mark Levine. She is known for her collaborative approach, marrying the needs and tastes of clients with her own creative spark and managing concepts all the way from inception to execution to distribution.

Anne’s artistic initiatives have included partnerships with Brooklyn-based artists Viva BodyRoll, Jessica 6, and Philadelphia based artist Wesley Flash. Her early work centered mostly on videography and promotional design, but Anne’s most recent projects have been exploring the potential of interactive media to create more interactive engagements between the object and subjects of her art work. Her 2012 project Whose Streets Our Streets was featured in Queers in Exile, an exhibition at the Leslie Lohman Museum and won best of show at Urban Exposure: Out in Public.

Anne graduated from the New School University with a degree in Media Studies in 2009 after growing up in Kansas, Missouri, and Delaware.


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