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apple_macintosh I had a lot of trouble thinking about what design to use for this assignment. I kept thinking I would be inspired by something I saw in public space – perhaps the subway. But I guess living in NY for 10 years has really had an affect on me – that and being oh so overwhelmed these first weeks of school- because I’m not sure I looked up once this week.

I finally made the decision to google “famous print ads” and see what I could find.

<—- this was the first thing to catch my eye.

(this was the 2nd)






The symmetry in this ad is obvious- yet not exact; It feels very balanced – but not too predictably.  Upon close inspection it follows a clean grid and brings my focus immediately to the mouse and the action of the finger on the mouse.










I like the use of negative space on either side of the main image (the hand), which is lined up just off the center of the composition. The hand draws the viewers eyes up and down the ad.










My eyes follow the hand from the wrist to the text.

I am drawn by the movement to read “test drive” and feel excited by the prospect.











The color scheme is part of what caught me eye. Very warm. Very 70s.

Makes my think of sun, and adventure.








apple_macintosh-FONTI could did not find whatthefont to be very helpful with identifying this font, but google was.

Apparently at the time of this ad Macintosh was using it’s own – trademarked – take on Garamond.


Apple Garamond


<—- Apple Garamond…..








Garomond <—– appears to be good old fashioned Garamond, just pushed in and stretched up a bit. Made taller and thinner. 

a.k.a. “condensed”

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