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App Idea

NYPEE – An app that allows the user to search and locate bathrooms nearby (in NYC). This app will focus on gender neutral and accessible bathrooms. It will have a humorous and playful aesthetic.

User Stories

1.  Alan is new to NY. He’s tight on money and is often walking to get places. He has multiple jobs which keep him out of the house for much of the day.
2.  Lina is a person with a disability. She is 3.8 feet tall and often uses a cane when walking.
3.  Kristina has IBS and has to use the bathroom unexpectedly throughout the day
4.  Charlie does not identify as either male or female.

User Scenarios

1.  Alan is walking through midtown in the afternoon. He is on his way from one job to the next. He has had a lot of coffee and has no money buy more. He needs to go pee.
2.  Lina is out at the park with some friends and needs to use an accessible restroom. She would also like to check her make-up and is concerned about the height of the mirrors.
3.  Kristina has just exited the subway station and is planning on walking 12 blocks to a theater. Her IBS is acting up and she urgently need to use the restroom.
4.  Charlie is out with friends and needs to use the restroom but can only find gender specific facilities.


I am taking inspiration from other map-based apps including Yelp, Uber and Google Maps. I am particularly interested in how these apps center the user in physical space, help him/her to navigate space, provide the user with directions, provide info, sort the results based on filters and set up user-generated rating systems.



My project idea may need to change. In reality there are tons of others apps and websites that are based on the same idea. But I wonder what these other designs may be doing wrong – perhaps there are things I can do better.

This a soon to exist app that is not free, that will work with local business owners:


This is an older app that provides minimal information and only has a few sort options.

screen322x572     screen322x572 (1)

This is another older app that is visually busy:

screen322x572 (2)    screen322x572 (3)


a starting point-

1st wireframe _nypee

getting closer-

Screenshot 2016-02-08 19.11.26

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