Augmented Desk Accessory

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I was trying to think of a simple object that I could augment with an interface – of sorts. And came up with the concept of a programmable Augmented Desk Accessory, that could be easily customized to display the user’s choice of info/data. Whatever might be relevant to their productivity that day.

Sidebar: Why would one want another box? Good question. Possible other uses may include phone charging station, geo-beacon, paper weight, pencil case….

I found a simple cubic option that I could attempt to modify.

And designed these tokens to paste on it’s sides.

I also designed these overlays to demonstrate the type of info a user might choose to display.

And started to get to work building the Vuforia image data base but quickly ran into some major difficulties:

At a loss for time I built the following physical prototype.

I created the object:


Here is a demonstration of how I imagine the augmented experience:

I will finish building this in Unity, using Vuforia, before the end of this week.

UPDATE: I got it working in Unity! yay!

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