Clap! Clap! 1 button + 1 screen

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Design Challenge: Create an experience in the browser using p5 that responds to a single interaction — the press of a button.


I was very lucky to work with Yue Zhang for this project.

Yue and I had a lot of fun working togther but we also had trouble getting our original idea to work. We initially wanted to design an interaction were the participant slapped any object and the strength of that slap then affected an animation/illustration of a face on screen – that turned out to be a little more complicated than we had time for.

In the end, we liked our results and were honestly happy to have gotten anything accomplished in an hour and a half.


I actually managed to make a soft circuit pressure sensor that fit on a hand in less than 10 mins. Was feeling very proud of myself. I made it out of conductive fabric, velostat and regular fabric – using the method found here.


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