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For this assignment I wanted to challenge myself to build a device that doesn’t require electricity or buttons, that actually works and that is intuitive.

So I started this project by considering simple clock interfaces that I might be able to mimic:



I thought about a ten sided polygons (decagons) and considered making a device that took advantage of their shape – ten sides = 0 through 9.

I came up with this design:

2016-02-09 17.47.03

2016-02-09 17.47.14

I ran lots of tests…

2016-02-09 17.47.31

A few layers of glue and a couple hours of laser cutting later I ended up with this:

2016-02-09 20.15.11

The digits can easily be adjusted by hand – with a simple movement of the finger. They can be set to count down from a specific number or up from zero. Note the orange strip at the bottom of the device, designed to indicate which numbers are greater and which are lower. And the orange triangle on the side – directing the user’s focus.

2016-02-09 20.15.53

Here she is in action:

2016-02-09 20.16.07-1

2016-02-09 20.16.09-1

2016-02-09 20.16.10-1

2016-02-09 20.17.08-1

2016-02-09 20.17.09-3

2016-02-09 20.17.11-3

She works pretty well – though counting down from large numbers is a few more steps than I thought it would be and not quite as intuitive.

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