Final Project Proposal: three options

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Option 1: Collect and Share Ur Colors

This option moves forward with my original plan. Have the player unlock colors via the game part of the app and then draw using only those “unlocked” colors in another part of the app. The drawing can then be saved to the players phone and/or shared via social media.


Option 2: Competition Mode

For this option I would scrap the drawing aspect of the app and focus on making the app multi-player. Each player would need to have the app on their own phone but could compete with other players via a wireless network or bluetooth connection. The players would race each other to match the colors first.


Option 3: Display Ur Color – BLE Connected Desk Lamp

This option involves connecting the app to a physical desk lamp via bluetooth. The player would unlock colors via the game and then those colors would be sent the lamp, changing the color of the light it emits.  Ideally the lamp would cycle between the colors the player has unlocked, creating an interactive visual display.

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