Forgotten but Found: Story & Objects

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I started this assignment by thinking about what objects in my house having meaning to me and which have stories attached to them. I ended up thinking about an old guitar that I recently rediscovered, re-stringed and started playing.  I was thinking about this object because it’s story is a bit unknown and even in my household the story behind it is different depending on who you ask.

It’s a beautiful Fender Stratocaster, in perfect condition. I forgot about owning it for almost three years. Why? Because it wasn’t something I ever planned to own. Own day it just showed up at my house because my partner found it lying in a pile of trash. It’s a beautiful guitar. If you can ignore the puffy paint that someone attempted to decorate it with. Meaning it’s also pretty ugly – so I never gave it much thought and for whatever reason assumed it probably didn’t work.

Well it working like a F***ing charm. And I was a fool to neglect it. My partner scoffs and claims he always knew it worked great.

Sometimes we speculate over what breakup must have led to it ending up in the trash.  These days I often wonder why I took it for granted for so long.

This guitar got me thinking about the objects we find on the streets and sidewalks of this city. Before recently, when the reality of watching too many friends deal with bedbug set in, I used to take stuff off the street constantly. Art. Weird sculptures. Couches. Vintage Glasses. Street Signs. Tables. You name it.  There was a time in my early 20s where it’s likely that about 80% of all the things in my friends and my houses were someone else’s garbage. But our wonderful treasure – comprising all we knew of ‘home’.

I started to wonder: what stories do these forgotten objects tell? About those of us that pick them up. About whoever chose to leave them behind. And about this city as a whole.

I found some other art projects that seem to ask the same question:

And decided to build a webpage where people could submit stories and images of the things they found on the streets of this city and the surrounding area.


I wonder what stories/characters of NYC could be revealed in the accumulation of these forgotten objects?



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