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I have 2 projects/concepts that I am debating between making. I would love feedback on which is more practical.



This is an idea I have had for years:

Constant Cinema is an interactive online viewing platform. This project requires the development of  program that self-edits the footage it pulls and displays. This footage, which is culled via meta tags from user-generated sources such as Youtube, will be spliced together in a seemingly unpredictable edit. The resulting interactive video will be displayed and modified via the project’s website. Visitors to this site will be prompted to input possible meta-tags as search criteria, triggering a change in the content of the edit.  The final product will mimic the ubiquitous informational bombardment that has come to define our daily lives. It’s meaning constantly regenerated through its process; a perpetual conversation between human and machine.

This project explores the relationship between real and virtual space. It engages with user experience as it references the fragmented aesthetic of the internet. Ultimately, by providing a lens through which to explore and witness our communal experience of identity and digitality, Constant Cinema aims to encourage a sort of cyborg self-awareness.

To make this project I would need to utilize the youtube API and build a website that holds the final product.

IDEA 2: Map.ME

This is another idea I have had for years. I am feeling a little stronger about this one. And it might actually be easier bc I won’t have to sort out how to use the youtube API.  However, this is project is essentially a durational performance piece, so it may require more time than the other project. Which, of course, I have to keep in mind.

Here is a mockup I made of it a while ago:


This project is loosely inspired by the work of Nicholas Felton.

I intend to blot information about my location and mood every 30 minutes to an hour onto a map that can be accessed online. In real time. For the course of a month.  Essentially stalking myself and allowing others to do the same. I would focus on providing information that is already readily available about me via my social media accounts; check my facebook, I have “my location” turned on.

To do this I could try to build something that uses information that is already collected and shared about me via the apps that are on my phone. Or I could create my own app that collects data about myself. Or I could highjack the Reporter App that was designed by Feltron and send data from that to a google drive based .cvs file.

This project explores my own participation in surveillance. My active engagement with self-surveillance. And my everyday performance of self.



Anne K Goodfriend – Reporter App says:

September 14, 2016 at 9:46 pm

[…] The original project proposal can be found HERE. […]

Anne K Goodfriend – Reporter App says:

September 14, 2016 at 9:46 pm

[…] The original project proposal can be found HERE. […]

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