Midterm: Multiple Me

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Multiple me is an exploration of my multiple, intertwined, overlapping, selves. It attempts to represent my own contradiction. And is a work about vulnerability, everyday performance and the impossible concept of data.

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For this assignment I chose to re-approach an older project called Map.me:

For over 10 days I collected data about myself. I included data that I knew was already being collected by the apps on my phone and personal, emotional, data, that I chose to record.

This piece is an exploration of my multiple, intertwined, overlapping, selves. It is a work about vulnerability and everyday performance.  It attempts to create evidence of all of my realities and is especially interested in engaging with my capacity to feel.  Furthermore, it explores my own engagement with surveillance culture, including my  participation in self surveillance.

The final product represents the merging of my virtual self and physical/”real” self and my personal/hidden self. This work is about the creation of identity and the act of displaying. This work is about confusion and honesty.

This time I wanted to narrow in on the message of the piece while further considering design as a fundamental part of the project execution and discovering new ways to present the data.

When I last left the project I was in this state:


So I started by considering new ways design the presentation of my data:


And started asking new questions about my intentions:


I began looking into new aesthetics, visualization techniques, and colors that felt relevant to the questions a was asking:


And finally I began re-approaching the visuals of my last version:



And thinking about new ways to show my data – focusing on the ways the data can’t represent me:


I reassessed my map:



And came up with something that is much cleaner than the last run. And seems to tell a more succinct story. A story I would like to continue revisiting…



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