Nudge: Clean Up

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When I woke up on Saturday I walked into the living room to find my boyfriend sprawled out playing video games. Though this is not a very common occurrence in our home. There was a part of the scene that irked me with it familiarity.

Our coffee table looked like this:


Long story short: it was a mess. And often is.

It kills me every time. I will be gone from the house for hours and return to a fairly clean surrounding where the center-piece is a terribly filthy ikea coffee table covered in junk and cigarette ash. why me????

So I took action.

Before leaving the house I strategically placed a trash can near his couch-spot:


I then tidied the coffee table and draped it in the nicest piece of fabric I had on hand the could a approximate a decent tablecloth.


And then I left the house. With my darling still inside. Though in a slightly changed postion.


Later that day I returned to find the table in decent condition.


And was pleased but still skeptical.

Yet even hours later the results stuck.




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