Redesigned Narrative : The Saddest Spot In NY

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A research group that named Hunter College High School the saddest tweeting spot in Manhattan now says it was mistaken in its finding. The group’s acknowledgment of the error came to light after many questions were raised about an initial post on the study

New York Times  OCTOBER 14, 2013

My Challenge/Goal:

  • Design a methodology to rectify/remedy the narrative of emotionality in New York
  • Reflect the subjective experience on emotion and place


The Audience :

  • New Yorkers
  • Museum Goers, Pedestrians


  • NYC
  • Museum or Public Square/Park
  • Outdoors
  • High Traffic Area where pedestrians have room to stop

The Behavior:

  • Touch
  • Play

The Story:

  • The emotional experience of space and location in NYC
  • The flexibility of perspective
  • The subjectivity of data.


The Concept: Installed in Public Space “Happy Place” in an interactive installation that allow’s users to engage with and add to a collaborative visualization of the “the happiest places in New York City”.

It would borrow the medium of the outdoor touch screen info kiosk:

The color scheme from the “Saddest place in New York” visualization:

A simplified map of New York City.

And bring them together into something like this:


A touchable map of NYC that invites passerby’s to touch the screen and indicate their “happy place” in the city – changing the maps color from blue to pink.

The screen would would be pleasant to touch. Giving slightly on impression. Sending out a texture of ripples in reaction to the gesture.

The color impressions made by each user would accumulate over time, blending together to create a beautifully flawed visualization of the spacial and architectural distribution of emotion in NYC. The map would clear at the start of each day, in order to be built again.

Perhaps creating something akin to….

Making the ‘Minimum Viable Product’: An Interactive Map


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