RGB Match – Revisiting Intention

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I’ve hit an impasse in the design process for RGB Match and I feel that it’s necessary to revisit the intention of this game. I need to consider my end user. And possible use scenarios.

3 Users:

Maggie – A designer who is interested in honing in on her understanding of RGB color profiles.

John – An artist who loves playing with color.

Beth – A gamer and designer, who loves to win and draw.

Use Scenarios:

Maggie – On the train ride home from work Maggie is bored and would like a activity that is engaging but fun. Maggie is concerned with using her time in unproductive ways so she is always looking for activities that will inform her design process.

John – John is trying to reframe his understanding of color and is interested in moving his creative practice into the realm of the digital. John would like to find ways to relax that inform the development of his new skills

Beth – Beth loves games. She plays them whenever possible and specifically loves games that build on her experience as a visual designer.

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