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How can we use immersive media to augment our experience of – and communal narratives about – urban space?

I’ve thinking about how we form identity in today’s mediated world, how we find identity through our everyday interaction with media, community and place.

How do these interactions not only help us form an understand of self but reenforce our narratives of experience/self? How do they affect our creation of the story of ourself?

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the relationship of UX design to storytelling. In what ways is crafting a User Experience similar to guiding an individual through a narrative.  We often hear the metaphor of interactivity as a conversation between man and machine. How is User Input an assertion of identity in that it is a story the user is sharing?

Additionally, what does a UX design of place look like? How can UI design for urban-centered immersive experiences be crafted to retell our stories of community, self and the other?

There are a lot of books I’d like to Read:

Research on Storybuilding and UX for Immersive Media:

Articles of Interest:

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