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I started this session of prototyping by mocking up a few possible designs in felt.

Here I am playing with a cozy scarf-esque shaw design:

2016-02-25 20.57.30

Here is another design that is inspired by corsets – specifically garments made by Zana Bayne and Chromat:

2016-02-25 20.59.44

This design is experimenting with a combination aesthetics from the previous two iterations (and 2 possible shoulder shapes):

2016-02-25 20.58.06

I am thinking a lot about necklines and mic placement in this process:

2016-02-25 20.58.18

2016-02-25 21.01.46

2016-02-25 21.01.31

I need to sit with these ideas for a while so I move on to thinking about the mechanics of the movement in the final the design.

I had an epiphany about movement and expansion the other day while looking at a Pop-Up Book. I made a point to find a guide to creating pop-up elements in paper:

2016-02-25 21.22.52

I found some very serious inspiration (very serious!):

I got started trying to make my own moving parts out of paper and string:

2016-02-25 19.47.26

2016-02-25 19.48.09

I continue to develop multiple designs using this technique, keeping in mind the shape of the shoulder and possible shape of the garment:

2016-02-25 19.54.59

2016-02-25 19.55.11

2016-02-25 20.15.00

2016-02-25 20.15.16

2016-02-25 20.20.28

So much to think about:

2016-02-25 20.21.14

2016-02-25 20.21.31

I decide I am on to something and start translating that design to fabric and soft materials. I use cardboard and boning in this design and reconsider the mechanism based on the curve of a shoulder:

2016-02-25 20.52.40

2016-02-25 20.52.49

I knew I was on to something! It works:

2016-02-25 20.55.42

2016-02-25 20.55.49

I imagine that the sting in the final design could be pulled by a servo. But am more interested in exploring using magnets to pull the fabric. For now, I am excited by this prototype, it has a lot of potential.

I have a lot to think about:

2016-02-25 21.01.25

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